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Friday, January 3rd, 2003

Time:5:31 pm.
Buffalo Bill's
	who used to
	ride a watersmooth-silver
and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat

he was a handsome man
			and what i want to know is
how do you like your blueeyed boy
Mister Death

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Thursday, October 31st, 2002

Time:4:26 pm.
out of all of my fifth grade students (in the vicinity of 20 or so) at krieger, one remembered from last week, that his lesson was moved (this week only) to thursday.

the kids were all sugared up today. some of the students had up to three halloween parties today. (one with their special area {music, art, gym} teacher, one in their regular classroom, and one in their after school program)
on top of that, they are going to go out tonight for more candy.
good thing they have school off tomorrow. sugar comas all around.

since poughkeepsie has a conference day tomorrow, and i do not have to go, i may sub in arlington tomorrow if i get called.
make $26 less per day...but, still...more money than i would make if i stayed home.

that is all.
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Subject:sleepy in the morning.
Time:7:19 am.
i am not one of those cool teachers that dresses up for halloween.
i am wearing my grey and orange socks though. tan corduroys, an orange shirt, and a black zip up fleece. this is as dressed up for school on halloween as i get.

i took a nap yesterday afternoon, from a little after five, until about nine p.m.
then i went to bed at about one a.m., and slept until quarter of seven this morning.
that should be enough sleep, however my body is still tired.

all of this talk about sleep, is not helping.

that is all
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Sunday, September 29th, 2002

Subject:an evening in new paltz
Time:1:28 pm.
this weekend was family weekend up at new paltz
so, yesterday i went to go see my sister for part of it.
i had been planning on going to visit her anyhow, and then she called to tell me that one of the people (my faux sister) who was going to go to the comedy show (mark curry...of hangin' with mr. cooper fame) got sick, so she was not coming.
i had originally been invited to see the comedy show, but i do not really go for the stand up comedy thing, and i was never a big mark curry fan. so i had declined, and they did not get me a ticket. now however, they had an extra ticket and no one to go. so i said i would go with them.
my; sister had called at about 2, and i showered and dressed and had a small lunch (we were supposed to go out to dinner) and headed over.
amanda had said that my mom and her bf were going to come over as soon as he had showered. so, when i got there at three, we both figured they would arrive by half three
then we were to go wander about down town new paltz, and then to dinner
they did not arrive until half five.
so by this time i was a little hungry, having anticipated dining by about five, and here it was five thirty by the time they got there
so, we walked around town, and i pointed out that i was rather hungry, so we headed to the gilded otter which is one of my favourite places...a very good brew pub.
the beer is excellent, and the food is usually pretty good as well
so, i go in, and tell them there are five of us (we had met up with my aunt in a shop there, and she came with us) for dinner, and then we go over towards the bar area and grab a drink.
i do not think we waited the half hour that they had told us for the table, so that was ok
we get to the table and the pain starts. we had the most inept and inconsiderate waiter i have ever encountered.
we ended up waiting 50 minutes for our food to come out.
it was obvious the kitchen was slammed...the place was packed.
that is no excuse.
when the kitchen gets slammed, it is the servers responsibility to be at least apologetic, or offer and explanation. he did none of those things.
here was our basic order. three burgers, one salad, one plate of nachos. two small appetizers.
one of the appetizers (mozzarella sticks) had to be sent back, because they were still frozen in the middle...actual ice crystals frozen...
he did not apologize for that.
he never asked us for drink orders, as three of us had brought drinks from the bar, and evidently that means he does not have to ask everyone else.
after taking our order, in the fifty minutes between then, and our food...he did not stop back once.
not to fill up anyones drinks or water, or to offer any explanation as to the delay.
we had to waive him over and pull him aside to tell him about the faulty appetizer
i had to pull him over to get another beer.
after about 40 minutes we pulled him aside to check when we would be getting served...as the newly seated people near us, had already been served, after about 10 minutes. he said he would go and check. came back in about 7 or 8 minutes, and said "it should be out in about two minutes"
2 minutes passed, and our food came out. and was brought to a different table, where the server was told it was not their food, and finally brought to us.
by this time, it was about 7:30. the comedy thing started at 8
my nachos were fine. my sisters salad was fine.
the three burgers...one was fine, and hot.
one was luke warm...which, if you have waited nearly an hour for your food, you expect it to be hot at least.
i do not believe he ended up getting a tip.

just makes me sad...i love the gilded otter, they just evidently made a hiring mistake.
i would tell you what his name was, but he never told us.

so, we were late for the mark curry show.
we missed the opening act, and by the time we got there curry had already started. there were no seats left, for an event we had tickets for.
so, obviously new paltz either sold too many tickets, or was letting in people without them.

mark curry was all right
he does a lot of the same stuff most comedians do, which is why i do not like most comedians...the airline stuff, complete with peanuts. how women never forget when you mess up...
it is just not original, and not very funny.

oh well
not a horrible evening, but not a great one either.

i am now watching all of the cartoons i taped from last night (justice league, he-man, transformers, inuyasha, yu-yu hakusho, cowboy bebop, outlaw star)
cartoon network, must have been having broadcast problems last night, as all of their volume levels are off, and the speech is so muted that i have to watch with the close caption feature on

oh well

that is all
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Saturday, September 28th, 2002

Time:2:45 am.
if ells were aitches then i, would be a sheep
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Time:2:41 am.
i am slucking feepy


so that i can say
i am a sheep, i am a sheep
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Friday, September 27th, 2002

Subject:happy hour, but no happy houris
Time:7:57 pm.
oh how i do enjoy half priced guinness draught, and bass
$2 for beer for a pint really should become the norm
hurrah for happy hour
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Time:4:12 pm.
my dvd of clerks arrived in the mail today
'you hate people!'
''but i love gatherings''

such a good movie
even if a lot of the acting is a little sub par...but it is still a great movie
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Thursday, September 26th, 2002

Time:11:02 pm.
guess who just woke up from a nap...that he intended on waking up by 8 from?
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Wednesday, September 25th, 2002

Time:9:06 pm.
something something

i fixed my resume today. and made copies
however, the district i have an interview at...still has the old resume...with the bad reference on it.
here is my plan...go in to the interview...and tell them i gave them my old and outdated resume, "must have grabbed that by mistake"
and then hopefully switch it for the new one
i am not so sure that will work, but i can hope

making copies, was sadly, the most interesting part of my day.
oh well

that is all
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Tuesday, September 24th, 2002

Subject:lube lube lube
Time:11:21 pm.
funny funny

look at the pattern, and remember it is an advert for sex lube
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Subject:mixed emotions, and quiche
Time:8:51 pm.
a brief run down of my day.
it was fairly good, with the exception of two things...one of which may not be so bad, who knows.

anyhow, i went to work today at one of the three elementary schools i am supposed to go to, and was rather put on the spot...i had to teach four third grade classes...with no lesson plans or anything.
well, i taught them this rather fun game song, which has movements, and that seemed to go over fairly well.
and i got to teach a clarinet lesson, to one kid. who did not have any music, and who had not practiced in at least three months (by his recollections)

over all, it was an interesting, and nearly enjoyable day.
went down to my mothers house, where i was to be cooking dinner this evening
i made three quiches.
1. mushrooms, broccoli, shallots, and swiss cheese
2. sun dried tomato, garlic, spinach, and smoked cheddar
3. broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, thyme, and smoked gouda

they were all very very good.

anyhow, found out, after dinner, through some confidential teacher info, that one of my references on my resume...has cost me at least one job.
there was a position that i interviewed for over the summer, that i was told i had, and that some references just needed to be checked. well, one of them, (the first person listed on my reference list on my resume) totally blasted me, and i did not get the job.
yes, it is somewhat my fault for putting him there, because i knew we have had our differences in the past, but in regards to certain aspects of my teaching, he had commented favorably, and told me 'you will make an excellent band teacher'
but, he did not say this to the people who called him.
well, so now i have to update my resume, and get it printed out...not an easy task when ones printer does not work.
but, that is easily remedied, and is not my chief concern
my biggest concern, is that i have an interview coming up...and i have given them a copy of my resume, with the bad reference on it.
so, now i am not sure what to do...do i go in, and tell them, i updated my resume, and gave them a copy of the old, and wrong one? hmmm
i guess so
ask for it back i guess

i want to break something.
mainly my former department head

that is all
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Monday, September 23rd, 2002

Subject:i am mean.
Time:10:58 pm.
this is mean, and superficial, so do not tell me that, as i already know it.

i was just flipping through the channels, and womens bowling was on...
and i saw the best looking female pro bowler i have ever seen...
and she still looks like someone clocked her with the ugly stick and fed her a big pile of dumb.

there we go.
my mean spirited and petty thought for the day.
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Subject:patriotic bumper stickers
Time:10:47 pm.
i was sent an image that i found much amusement in.
i want to get this made up into bumper stickers, and slap them on every car that i see with an american flag sticker on their car. the ones that bother me the most are the flag stickers which have been scotch taped to the window, so as to be readily removed at the moment that patriotism has become out of fashion.

anyhow, here is what i want to have a bumper sticker made out of
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Time:7:03 pm.
i am tired
tired tired tired
i really wanted to take a nap...but i did not, because i know if i do, i will not be tired later, when i should be going to bed.
so, here i am, awake...and sleepy
i am going to go to the cubbyhole tonight.
i do not think there is a poetry reading, but i just want to go out and be in a different atmosphere

i started reading simon winchesters the professor and the madman today, during my multitude of free time.
it is excellent
the book is about the making of the oxford english dictionary, the undisputed heavyweight (at a paltry 20 volumes {the original was 12}) of the lexicon world.
however...it is not really about the oed at all, it is about this genius who was in charge of it for a while, and one of its greatest contributors, a murderer/doctor/civil war vet

it is also remarkably funny

so, i am pleased about that
i will finish rand's atlas shrugged, i will, i will
but, i can read something else simultaneously.

that is all
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Subject:the 80s return
Time:5:14 pm.
why is there such a big resurgence of pop culture toys from my youth?
exampli gratia:
new (ha) cartoons on cartoon network:he-man and the masters of the universe, transformers armada
toys i keep seeing advertisements for on television: care bears, g.i. joe.
as well as cabbage patch kids, and glow worms
also heard that popples were back

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Subject:easy money
Time:3:20 pm.
so...today, i definitely had the easiest day of work that i have ever, ever had

today, i subbed in one of the poughkeepsie elementary schools, for instrumental music.
this is slated to be a long term sub position...until at least december or january.
my thoughts on the reasons that the regular teacher was out, ran the limited gamut from maternity leave, to broken leg.
i figured that whoever was out, probably had started the year, gotten the program going, and then succumbed to injury, or labor pangs.
this however, was not the case
i went into school this morning, to find out there is no one in the position currently.
so, my tasks for the day, were very few. i went to each of the fourth and fifth grade classes, and gave a little talk about how i would be teaching instrumental music there for a bit, and that if they had played last year (fifth graders) and wanted to play again, to come see me so i could get their names, etc...and if they were interested in learning and beginning (fourth graders, and new fifth graders) to come see me so i could get an estimate of how many were interested.
i also spoke to the gentleman who was doing the job last year. who, strangely enough, i knew from college (what do you expect when you go to a music school that turns out 50% of the music teachers in the state)

i also found out why it is a sub job, and not an opening (since there is no one in the position, it should be an opening, and they could give me a nice hefty wage)
turns out...
that someone had the position last year...and got into a car accident...so was out on medical...then the other guy took over, but then was hired this year, as real teacher, not a sub, in another district school.
so, the injured teacher, is evidently living in maryland, and still has rights to the job, even though she is in maryland, and such.
so, for it to become a real job, she has to relinquish her icy grasp upon it...

in other job hunting news, i have an interview on thursday.
i was sure to schedule it after school, in the event that i do not get the job, i do not want to break a string of consecutive days on this poughkeepsie job, and thus lose out on retroactive pay if that becomes available.

it is very unfortunate that i can not have the poughkeepsie job...
it would be neat, i would get to build the program up myself, and get to work with a lot of kids, that need something, anything, in their lives. plus, i would not be under such close scrutiny like i was last year...
i hated that job
because we had a guy whose job it was just to be head of the music and art teachers for the district...he was a real ass when it came to lesson plans and such

i would not run into that in poughkeepsie.
not to say that i would slack off or anything...
but i do not do well with written out plans. i find them inhibitive to my teaching. oh well
so it goes.

that is all
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Time:7:14 am.
yet another overly early morning

i do not like being awake between the hours of 4 and 8 am.

but, at least i get to go to work, and get paid. well, eventually. probably not for two weeks, but oh well
from what i have heard (although i have not confirmed this with the district) if i put in 30 consecutive days (i.e. no missing a day, or the count starts over) i go on salary, and it would be retroactive (this is how it works in arlington, and wappingers, but i will be in poughkeepsie). so, no missing for me.
i want to get a big ol' retroactive check.
november fourth is day 30.
i could not sleep last night, so i counted the calendar in my head

oh well

must go work now

that is all
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Sunday, September 22nd, 2002

Subject:hockey hockey hockey
Time:5:35 pm.
ah, there is hockey on my television. i am a happy happy boy.
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Subject:adult swim leftovers
Time:1:59 pm.
ahoy hoy
nothing much going on today.
yesterday i went book shopping, and got a new book (simon winchester's the professor and the madman, the book about the creation of the oxford englissh dictionary) which i have been looking for, for a long time.

then i went to my moms house for a while
then went and hung out with my friend and watched one of my favourite movies (a clockwork orange)

came home, slept like a...well, someone that sleeps a lot.
now i am watching all of the cartoons i taped last night
that would be justice league, he-man, transformers armada, inuyasha, yu-yu hakusho, cowboy bebop, outlaw star
hooray for cartoons
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